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Current Assignments and Keys to Old Exams and Quizzes



Chapter 13 (kinetics)


kinetics mechanism 

kinetics summary.ppt



Chapter 14 (equilibrium)


Le chatelier.ppt

Pressure Effects

Chapter 15-16 (acid/base)

Acid-base Definitions.ppt

Acid Base Strenghts

strong acid.ppt

weak acid calculations .ppt

weak acid hydrolysis.ppt

Salt pH calculations.ppt

Weak base calculations

Weak Acid and Base Calculations

Weak Acid with Conj. Base and Weak Base with Conj. Acid Calculations

xs weak acid with strong base



Buffers Hend Hass Problem

Chapter 16-17

Handout Weak Base titration

Handout of Weak Acid Titration


Ksp Problems

Weak base calculations


Chapter 18 (not complete)


Link to Kotz powerpoint (select a chapter (19) then choose powerpoint on the left)

More Thermo

Kotz' powerpoint 1

Kotz's powerpoint 2


Chapter 19


Strengths of Oxidizing and Reducing Agents

Balancing Redox

20 Nuclear (partial)



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